Working to Preserve Jewish Tradition

The mission of this congregation is to cultivate the tenets of Reform Judaism through prayer, worship, study, fellowship and good works. In pursuit of this, we commit ourselves to ongoing innovation, seeking new challenges and continually evaluating our progress and results while building and sustaining an environment necessary to realize our mission.


Lawyers without Rights

Temple B’nai Sholem will be joining forces with the American Bar Association and the Craven County Bar to host an exhibit titled “Lawyers Without Rights” in New Bern from September 1 through Saturday September 12. There will also be a formal program that will be held either Tuesday, Sept. 8 or Wednesday, Sept. 9.  Potential participants at this event include our member Michael Tigar, N.C. Chief Justice Mark Martin, and federal appeals court judge Jim Wynn.


This exhibit explains the actions Nazi Germany conducted against Jewish lawyers and the overall legal community to stifle human rights and dissent. It also highlights the important role lawyers play in a civil society. Our member, Bill Choyke, has been instrumental in securing this exhibit for New Bern. As we get closer to the actual date our hope is that some Temple members will volunteer to act as host docents at the exhibit, which will be headquartered at the City Laundry building on Pollock Street.


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High Holy Days Schedule

Sat. Sep 5 7:30pm - Selichot Service

Sun. Sep. 13 7:30pm - Erev Rosh Hashanah

Mon. Sep. 14 10:30am - Rosh Hashanah

Tue. Sep. 22 7:30pm - Kol Nidre/ Yom Kippur

Wed. Sep. 23 10:30am - Yom Kippur

Wed. Sep. 23 3:30pm - Concluding and Yizkor



 The Shofar

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